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Ultimate Fusion - Loves Your Art

NEW!!!! Complete Reborn Artist Package with Ultimate Fusion

NEW!!!! Complete Reborn Artist Package with Ultimate Fusion

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Complete Reborn Artist Package

This is an all round starter set for someone just starting out or someone wanting to try UF for the first time even! It includes everything you need to make a complete baby from start to finish.

** Signed Brin Kit Bodies are now SOLD OUT!

Included in this package are as follows

Haydan by Lisa Sylvia  Kit with COA OR your choice of Bountiful Baby Realborn kits  :

Oaklynn by Severine Piret

Haydan by Lisa Sylvia 

Johanna Awake

Marnie asleep

Ana Asleep

Polly by Jade Warner 

Claudia asleep

Skya no Coa 

Jennie awake no Coa 

1 x Body Already weighted and stuffed

1 x Ultimate Fusion Let's Get Started set 

1 x 15ml Sealer 

1 x 15ml Matte Extreme

Head will come with a magnet glued inside already

 1 x Honeybug dummy 

Extra clear glass beads for inside limbs

Extra polyfill for on top of the glass beads in limbs and head

Prefilled stocking with beads for head

5 x extra zip ties

various sponges 

most importantly step by step guides and instructions written by our own Lisa Sylvia

1 x small amount of mohair for eyelashes

1 x rooting tool for eyelashes

1 x circle tool to help do the inside of the nostrils 

1 x baby powder wafer for inside the body 

2 x precut mottle sponges 

1 x paint palette 

1 x nappy 

Please Note: 

*Limited Brin kits available, will include until sold out and then an alternative kit will be supplied. 

*If you have a specific kit preference, send us an email ( ) with your choice of kit. ** Subject to availability.

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