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NEW!!!! Complete Reborn Artist Package with Ultimate Fusion

NEW!!!! Complete Reborn Artist Package with Ultimate Fusion

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Complete Reborn Artist Package

This is an all-round starter set for someone just starting out or someone wanting to try UF for the first time even! It includes everything you need to make a complete baby from start to finish.

** Signed Brin Kit Bodies are now SOLD OUT!

Included in this package are as follows

your choice of kits ( see drop down and choose ) 

1 x Body Already weighted and stuffed

1 x Ultimate Fusion Let's Get Started full-size paints 

1 x 15ml Sealer 

1 x 15ml Matte Extreme

Head will come with a magnet glued inside already

 1 x Honeybug dummy 

Extra clear glass beads for inside limbs

Extra polyfill for on top of the glass beads in limbs and head

Prefilled stocking with beads for head

5 x extra zip ties

various sponges 

most importantly step by step guides and instructions written by our own Lisa Sylvia

1 x small amount of mohair for eyelashes

1 x rooting tool for eyelashes

1 x circle tool to help do the inside of the nostrils 

1 x baby powder wafer for inside the body 

2 x precut mottle sponges 

1 x paint palette 

1 x nappy 

Please Note: 

*Limited Brin kits available, will include until sold out and then an alternative kit will be supplied. 

*If you have a specific kit preference, send us an email ( ) with your choice of kit. ** Subject to availability.

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