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Shading - 12ml sized bottle.

9 parts, 72 water or 2.4ml or more depending on how you enjoy building the depth of colour. Store any left over in an airtight jar.

Shading & Defining, MIXING YOUR Paint

Shading Ratio
Apply this colour to indentations in the skin such as dips and deep contours. Some places I use this colour and technique are in the Inner eye toward inner eyebrow and inside the ear. Use this colour to define the dips and areas of the face and limbs that could use a boost. (help to stand out). Apply in light layers using your angled brush to blend the edges. Once dry add another layer if needed. Continue to do this until you are happy with the result. Remember less is more, you are trying to subtly highlight those areas to give more depth of realism.

HINT (make a smaller batch if possible by using only a portion of the paint mix before you add water) Or keep in a airtight jar. If your mix has less water and you find it is not blending well add some blendflow to help.


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