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Lisa Sylvia was introduced to the world of reborning (the painting of vinyl or silicone dolls so that they appear as lifelike as possible) in early 2011. Ever keen to improve upon her work in making vinyl newborn dolls look as lifelike as possible, she worked through as many tutorials as she could find to expose herself to as many methods as possible, before developing her own unique style.

Her gallery of work features a range of reborn dolls: whether "asleep", "awake", with mono-rooted, or painted hair, whether you find them unsettling or adorable, the realism of her work is undeniable and sure to impress.

During her reborning journey, Lisa discovered her passion for color theory, as well as a desire to help other artists. In addition to offering other aspiring artists advice and tips, she also co-founded/moderated Facebook groups dedicated to help other artists succeed.

Although she took a hiatus from reborning after the birth of her third child, she came back to the reborn world and quickly realised that with a baby in the house, mono-rooting hair was an almost impossible task while juggling the needs of her infant daughter. She found painting hair to be a much more infant-friendly task and focused her efforts into creating painted hair that displayed the same depth and realism as rooted hair had to offer.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

As Lisa's contact with other reborn doll artists grew, she became aware of the concern that many artists shared over the health implications of heating the vinyl doll parts which required multiple baking sessions per doll in order to cure the layers of heat-set paints.

Lisa teamed up with another reborn-doll artist to develop Miracle Blend air-dry paints. The paints worked well and quickly found a fan-base with artists wanting the realism they could achieve with heat-set paints but without the health issues.

Lisa's drive to further develop the brand led her to discuss with her Miracle Blend partner, the idea of floating her own select line of paints in which she would have autonomous control in sourcing and product development. They decided to split the partnership and Lisa left to concentrate on her own premium paints.

Lisa took her deepened knowledge of color theory along with the feedback and suggestions garnered from her Miracle Blend fanbase and researched the ingredients to create an even higher-pigmented, more durable air dry paint that easily adhered to vinyl and was robust enough not to require a primer or a sealer. Thus Ultimate Fusion air dry paints were born.





"I am hooked on Ultimate Fusion because of the results I am achieving with this paint!! The ease of use of the paints and the paints qualities give me a nice translucency and transparency that I wasn’t achieving as well before.Trialling this new paint though was robbing me of my sleep, as I was so excited by this paint and the results I was getting from them, I ended up painting well into the night and couldn’t wait to get up to paint some more!! I found this paint especially good for painting hair which I enjoy. The results I am achieving with this paint are so much better than what I had previously with Miracle Blend" 

 Christine Woolley - Silver lining art dolls



"When I finished my first baby I was so amazed at how real the skin tone looked, the dimension, the transparency of the layers. I had never been able to achieve this with any other paints. I love that they are water based and have no foul or harmful odor. They are so easy to work with. At that time I threw away all of my other brands and will never go back"

Faith Ruckel - Faiths one of a kind babies


"I just cannot explain it , honestly it’s like a new innovation in the art of reborning, I used GHS before going to miracle blend and there’s just no comparison to Ultimate Fusion, I wish each artist would try it just once because it makes you fall in love with the art all over again, thank you for putting together such an amazing product!"

Georgia Duncan Trammell 

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