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3D Baby Dew Textured Skin

3D Baby Dew Textured Skin

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3D baby dew textured Skin comes in a 15ml jar

I created this product to have the perfect Dewiness that I love to see on real newborn skin. It is my personal favourite product because it boosts the realism of my work.

I use this product neat and use a UF Brand textured sponge ‘torn’ to add a pattern for added depth on the face.

I like a smoother and softer feel on the limbs so I dilute it with (sealer ratio 1:1) and use a UF Brand Wedge for a flat surface)


Tip...Smooth surface....Always use a flat wedge to add no texture for a smooth feel and look. 

 Instructions for a Matte skin....

Remember, It gives a dewy look so only add Matte Concentrate if you wish for a matte look. (ratio, 3D dewy to matte concentrate 5:1)

You can definitely get quite a few babies out of the jar. It spreads very well. 

Creator Tip....

I always add 3D dewy skin last. I find it best to paint hair first before adding 3D dewy skin as I like a silky smooth surface to paint hair strokes on . 

I also always clean my kit by wiping down with a wet cloth before adding dewy skin to ensure no dust particles are mixed with the UF product.

This product is air dry and will take several minutes to set, always make sure you replace the lid to keep the product air tight.


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by Lisa Sylvia

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