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Antibead - Anti-bead

Antibead - Anti-bead

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Antibead - 15ml size bottle

Antibead was designed to put an end to beading which occurs with thin washes when using water to mix paint. It can also be used in thick mixes to help blending and am sure will be useful for many other techniques.

This product has been tested by artists and has had a positive response! 


Add 1 or more drops until beading stops. 



Customer Review

Anti Beading = Liquid gold!
Hey everyone, I have been testing the properties of this new product Lisa Sylvia of Ultimate Fusion has designed. Firstly, let me apologise in advance for the length of the post but I want to share everything.
I have been experimenting with the UF paints as I was a GHSP girl. The translucency of UF beats it hands down. As I only had the starter pack I was limited in my paint colours that I was used to being at my disposal.... So I used both! Normally it will take 2 to 3 washes before the UF stops beading on Genisus, but with adding a few drops of the Anti Bead I was able to wash straight over and even paint the brown hair without sealing. Both of the dolls I experimented on are in the comments but remember this was my first time with these paints & learning how they flash off differently, plus the peaches kit had been stripped. The Anti Bead was a godsend on that one! I was having real trouble because of stripping before I put the Anti Bead in. I'd highly recommend this product when it's available. I also love the new eraser EMR Tool that she's just bought out, that is like a little miracle for cleaning up a mistake lol



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