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Black-Rooting Needle 42gg 1 Barb

Black-Rooting Needle 42gg 1 Barb

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Working part: triangular shape

Number of grooves: 1 piece

Arrangement: 1 barb on one edge , the other two edges are smooth

Size / Strength: 42gg

This needle is very stable is the optimal needle for Directional Mono Rooting. For the conventional technique (placing a lock on it and prick ) this needle is less suitable because the score is slightly larger, and thus has a higher entrapment result . But with proper use, this needle pulls each site offered a reliable hairs. In this needle 's position must be considered: The edge of the triangular shaft with the barbs must point towards the vinyl! Since only a single edge is provided with a barb, formed when puncturing a tiny slit, but which is hidden by hair. Thus, this needle damages the vinyl least, although it is somewhat stronger.

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