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Texture sponges used by Sue-Ellen Toarmina

Texture sponges used by Sue-Ellen Toarmina

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Introducing the ‘Primary method set SPONGES used by Sue-Ellen Toarmina’ to add texture to skin in primary rounds.

Cut into round circles and use to add texture using the primary colours.

These sponges go perfectly with the Primary method set which is great for beginners to air dry who wish to try or transition from heat-set paint and who wishes to practise the primary method.

Reborn artists who have used it claim that is the perfect paint for your reborn dolls as well as will adhere to many other surfaces. There is no complicated mixing necessary with mediums during and after painting your finished baby. It is very easy to work with. You only use water!!



The Primary set is purchased separately...



Here is a link to a video by Sue-ellen Taormina demonstrating the correct way to use the primary method.

Free Video by the incredibly talented Sue-ellen Taormina who introduced and founded the primary method in the reborning world can be found here or in her liveefects group.



The paint once dry will fuse to the vinyl and not come off. It is very highly pigmented, light fast and flexible when dry. Fade resistant and heavy duty formula make it the only paint designed to withstand extended play once dry. Perfect for collectors who enjoy interacting with their art. It can be used straight out of the bottle for a 3D effect or add water translucent water color painting techniques. This is an ALL IN ONE paint so no need for any open time medium or any others. Translucent and water color applications take up to 24 to 72 hours to fully cure. This paint also sticks to wood, glass, canvas, paper, and fabric.

Heat-set users can easily convert to these paints using the same colours they used with heat-set paint.

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