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Haydan Vinyl Kit By Lisa Sylvia

Haydan Vinyl Kit By Lisa Sylvia

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It is so sad and heart-breaking that our doll community has lost one of the most  incredible artists, Lisa Sylvia. Lisa was my best friend and I'm so heart broken, she had so many plans and babies she was working on, that she wanted to get into vinyl and silicone kits for you all to paint. So, in her honour, my friend Julie KissaBull and I (Jade Warner) and Paul Adams, who is running Lisa's ultimate Fusion business, will be working to make this dream of hers happen , all profits will then be forwarded to the family to  help support her 3 children.


Haydan sculpted by Lisa Sylvia.

Haydan will be the last vinyl kit of Lisa's that will be going into production, as it was already at the factory. This baby will be a very special baby to you all.

Lisa was so proud of this baby and couldn't wait for it to be a vinyl kit . Haydan is a darling prem baby with lots of dreamy thought-out details, just look at all them wrinkles. Haydan measures approx 15" with bent legs so would be more 16" if straight, Haydan has full arms and legs and a non sexed tummy plate , and cloth body


Doll Kit: Haydan Sculpted by Lisa Sylvia
Produced into vinyl kits by Jade Warner
Full Price: $155.00
Suggested Body: 15" full limbs (included )
Eye Size: Sleeping
Limbs: Full Arms and Full legs and tummy plate 
Length: approx 15" to 16" with bent legs
Limited Edition: 135
Estimate time of Arrival: Now
COA Included

Please note you are purchasing a blank unpainted kit, included is vinyl head, arms, legs, tummy plate & cloth body, COA and not a completed baby. Pictures of the completed babies are the prototypes to show you how adorable She / He can look

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