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Honeybug Sweetheart Design Magnetic Dummy Superhero Blue (Newborn size)

Honeybug Sweetheart Design Magnetic Dummy Superhero Blue (Newborn size)

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Comes with 1 magnet inside dummy. Larger earth magnets sold separately for inside reborn's head.

STEP 1: Recognize your Paci by its name.
Our family currently consists of 4 pacifiers; Cutie-Pie (micro preemie),
Sweetdreams (preemie), Sweetheart (newborn plus)
and Precious Vintage (newborn plus)


STEP 2: How to assemble your Pacifiers.
All Paci's are specifically designed to 'open up' so that you can re-align the
magnetic poles to suit your individual babydoll needs. Opening and closing
Honeybug pacifiers are as easy as one-two-three,
if your mechanical instincts :) don't kick in, have a look at our
step by step image-instructions below for your reference.


STEP 3: Honeybug paci sizes.
If you are concerned and need to know exactly how our paci will look on
your Reborn Baby before a purchase , please take note of the sizes and
measurements below.

Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact
Honeybug via Facebook or email.

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