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Lavander-Rooting Needles 42gg 3 Barb

Lavander-Rooting Needles 42gg 3 Barb

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Working part: triangular shape with convex working part core; reduced cross section

Number of notches: 3 pieces

Arrangement: spiral, each notch at a different height

Size / strength: 42gg

This needle is quite stable and suitable for almost all hair. Especially if you do not work over the middle of the strands of hair, but stick into the end, this needle has proven itself extremely well. Due to the shape and arrangement of the notches, the end of the hair is pulled in reliably and the unsightly little stubble that occurs when the notch depth is not sufficient for the thickness of the hair is avoided. This needle has HL notches, which are characterized by a particularly rounded shape, which on the one hand protects the vinyl and on the other hand prevents the hair from breaking when pierced. If the head is heated by a heat source (e.g. halogen lamp) or a rice bag, the needle slides almost by itself and leaves hardly visible punctures.
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