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Pink-Rooting Needles 42gg 3 Barb

Pink-Rooting Needles 42gg 3 Barb

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Working part:      triangular shape
Number of grooves: 3 piece
Arrangement:       1 barb on each edge, placed at different heights
Size / Strength:   42gg

This needle is very stable is the optimal needle for something stronger mohair varieties such as yearling, adult or for real hair. Especially if you do not work on the center of the hair strands , but stabs in the end, this proved extraordinarily needle. Due to the shape and arrangement of the barbs you pull the hair end a reliable and avoids the ugly little stubble like to arise when the barb depth for the thickness of the hair is not sufficient. This needle has HL -grooves, which are characterized by a particularly rounded shape and thus to protect the vinyl and avoid a second, that the hair breaks during penetration . When the head is heated by a heat source (eg halogen lamp) or by a rice bag, slide the needle through almost by itself, leaving barely visible punctures.

10 pcs / pack

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